until next year …

diwali’s finally over, four days passed by and before you know it you’re back to work on a wednesday morning which seems so much more like a monday that it’s freaky.

had such a good time. the past two years i was in different countries / cities during this time of the year. so i terribly missed witnessing a mumbai diwali.

and let me tell you, it’s the best kind there is. the energy in the air is something else.the noise of the crackers, the food, the joy on people’s faces, the sights, the lanterns, the cards, the smoke even smells good this time of the year.

november and december are such great great months. more like a reward to us for getting through the rest of the year don’t you think?


^^ my adorable four year old cousin aria trying her hand at rangoli, i love this kid so much and all my other little cousins too^^


^^ our modernized diwali sweets ;) they were so pretty i almost couldn’t eat them^^


^^ ain’t no diwali without some poker !! ^^


^^ we ^^

so that’s all. until next year

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