we crave a different kind off buzz ..


i loved royals by lorde. so you could guess my excitement when it won at the grammys.

once in a while .. in the fast paced lives that we all live in, where we tend to get carried away by our surroundings, we may need something as random as a pop song to remind us of a few life lessons. {i talk about me here of course, so take no offense}

i’m not trying to be preachy here so i wont actually write down life lessons, but i’m sure you’ll get what i mean once you actually carefully hear the song.

often i forget to be more simple in my thoughts. to value the simple things i have in my life. i’ve come to realise over time that more often than not, the simple things are those which make us the happiest.

i’m grateful i have a family that always reminds me of the same. that teaches me to live right. SOMEHOW they seem to have got it all down to the notch. i, on the other hand, am still learning.

SO -  i’m going to make a list…. just as a reminder. and come back to this every once in a while when i really need to.

10 things that make me the happiest

hugs and kisses

babies. hearing them talk or laugh. or do anything really.

working out.

my family. conversations with my siblings always put a smile on my face.

cooking a meal. and then eating it yourself after. it somehow tastes so much better.

hanging out with my friends. in my bed. just laughing and discussing random senseless issues.

music. listening to my favorite song on the radio.

reading blog posts. posts that inspire me. or simple ones that just make me happy. like this one here.

getting appreciated for a job well done at work after putting hours of hard work into it.

writing down my thoughts. here.

…. and there these are just to name a few.

happy ‘one day to go for v-day’ everybody!! because you always need a reason to celebrate the people you love.


p.s.  picture is of chandni and I in dubai this sunday. at i – hop having pancakes.

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