wednesday nights


tanu, swetcha and I went to smash last night. for a bit of mid week refueling.

and talked about girly stuff. you know.. marriage, marriage and more marriage?! ;)

but it was fun and we checked out the new paintball area. it seems fun if you go with a large group. 3 of us alone, wouldn’t quite enjoy it.

last night made me realise – that some people – will ALWAYS always be your friends. i have known these girls since i was 5 and we’ve been best friends ever since.

we’ve had our fall outs {to put it in a less dramatic way} and our ‘break-ups’ but i have and will always love them along with all their quirks. through everything.


so #happy i get to call them friends. and love this random picture tanu took of my while i was laughing.


^^ also love this new cafe coffee day machine my office finally decided to get for us. even though it might have come a year or two too late. we’re still grateful ;) also brownie points >>> it makes the best hot chocolate i have ever tasted.^^

#day5 #100happydays. happy thursday! xoxo

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