weekend recap

i worked for the most part of the weekend. the work load in office has increased considerably for everyone this month. which is a good thing too.  signs of the firm doing well.

on saturday night however i did manage to get out. went for megha’s ‘wild child baby shower’  a baby shower! and it suddenly dawned upon me that we’re getting old. not like there weren’t many other signs all this while. but i chose to ignore those. but when your friends start giving birth to babies and you aren’t even close to married it’s not something you can easily ignore {and have i mentioned that i LOVE babies?? i hope my sister’s reading this because she’s been married almost 2 years now *hint*}

so back to the baby shower. it was unlike any other baby shower i’ve even been to or heard of { honestly i haven’t been to many baby showers}there was beer pong, a champagne fountain, an anonymous confessions room, a photobooth with fun props, and an ice bar.

unfortunately i dint manage to take many pictures. just a few.

in other things…. i came across this article yesterday. surabhi sent it to me, she always manages to send me interesting articles/ emails now and then {if only she’d let me post them on my blog}. this one’s about a girl who writes about 25 things she wants herself to know at 25.

i think it’s pretty cool and i’m going to make a list of my own. maybe i’ll even blog about it.

have a good reading and happy monday!

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