when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

i’m not at a very happy place today. bad news it seems is never easy to bear. even when you’ve tried preparing yourself for it.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned these past few years it’s – there’s no such thing as preparing yourself for bad news.

believe me. and as vague as this post sounds, i don’t really feel like talking about it. not here. not now. maybe when i’m braver and more courageous.

but what i do want to write about is that i’ve also learned that life goes on. and in some persons words ‘it’s too short for us to be unhappy” there are so many other things to be grateful about.so…

here are some happy pictures


^^ mum and i went to taco bell this weekend. we had the bean and cheese chalupa, the mexican pizzza and this new dish called the kathitti{which we weren’t too fond of}. get a taco bell this side of the city already please! ^^


^^ my friends and me, we made grilled chicken, mash potatoe and sauteed mushroom for lunch. and it was delicious. can’t you tell from the pic?^^


^^ had the most fun time playing with hugo and him. i even surprised myself . a month back,  me and a german shepard would never be able to chill in the same room. but then somethings change. and i’ve come to realise i love dogs. and want one. now. soon?^^


^^ the new lounge at the club i’m a member of has been refurnished. and it is SO good. now you know where to spot me on a saturday night ;) { just kidding. in case you dint get that already} ^^

i haven’t forgotten about the whole #100happydays project.

also can you believe it’s mid – january already? love how fast this month seems to going to by. usually january is WAY to slow for me. now before you know it, it will be february! and with all the weddings in bombay this feb, it won’t be so bad after all.

hope you’re feeling better than what i am. keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


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