turn up the love


i have the worst stomach/ body ache.

saturday night hardly turned out as planned and i spent pretty much the entire weekend in bed due to the above mentioned body ache.

on sunday i received some ‘not very good’ news and my eyes hurt from all that crying.

my parents are not yet back from their vacation.

and i’m stressed and sleep deprived.

but today’s monday. and we all get a do – over. just because it’s a brand new week.

i have the entire season 3 of suits waiting to be watched once i get home.

my parents are back on wednesday.

and in spite of all the aches i’m healthy and disease free {and have decided to stop taking that for granted}

also i just discovered a music folder in my office laptop with like 100 songs all which i love and i have no absolutely no idea where that came from.

so life is still kinda good.

and i have an genie somewhere looking out for me {a genie with a very good taste in music ;)}



(picture taken by me few months ago at or-g)

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