who said january has to be boring?

yesterday we surprised our soon-to-be-married friend with a bridal shower at our friend jinal’s place.

it was so much fun planning it. i might have the nicest friends in the world.

we prepared food, decor and drinks. and threw rose petals on her when she came in. and i believe that she was genuinely surprised and had absolutely no clue of what was coming.

then we played bridal shower games.what type of games? i probably should not mention here in this blog. but maybe if you inbox me i might tell…

can not wait for her wedding next week :)

and jinal makes the best cheesy paprika spaghetti in the world. even better than the pesto spaghetti at out of the blue, i had last week. i probably shouldn’t ask her for the recipe.

also i went for lunch with mum over the weekend to this hole-in-the-wall¬† place called pancham puriwala (im surprised i even found it on burrp :o) . it’s right next to CST, Fort.

let it’s looks not deceit you. it might be shady- ish and tiny but it has the best food i’ve ever had AND is super affordable.

we had a deluxe thali ( Rs. 80! :o) and masala khichdi.. i maybe-will go back again next weekend.

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