with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning…

saturday was good.

i’ve noticed how not pre – planning your day always makes it so much more interesting.

karishma and surabhi my two best friends leave for the U.S. in a month, to study :o i’m starting to sense a pattern here. everyone’s always leaving me and going to that country. i’m not a fan of the united states at this moment. just saying

so i’ve decided to spend all my days with them.

saturday morning kari and me went swimming.


^^^ i love this pool. so it’s a good thing it’s just a few blocks away from home. you always get the feeling that you’re swimming in the sky {does that make sense?}^^


^^ kari ♡ and her back ;)^^



^^and then we went bowling to smash. I love how everything at the bowling rink is so blue and neon inside.  It makes bowling so much more interesting^^


^^ i can’t bowl to safe my life. kari can. she ‘forgot’ to tell me. any guesses who won by a landslide? i did get one strike though. but to be honest it was more luck than skill^^


^^ as much as i’d like to lie about it, we dint bump into the sweetish house mafia car as much as we planned our entire smash outing to eat their nutella sea salt cookies. which by the way are heaven {somehow i dint end up taking a picture, but that’s probably coz we finished our cookie in a matter of seconds} so i’m definitely going to be keeping a track on their deliveries this week incase they plan to come to worli.^^^


^^ we ended the day at white owl. ate paninis. which were good. white owl remind me a little of cafe zoe do you feel the same way?^

i love saturdays {which aren’t spent in office} they can be put to so much good use.

happy wednesday!

p.s. need to make a conscious effort to blog more often. i’ve been so caught up off late.


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