I spent so much time the past week with saloni and vrinda (picture above) that we’ve been back a day and i miss them already :(

i got back to mumbai yesterday and okay i’m sensing the pattern here, too much turkey on this blog suddenly? but what can i say, i think i’m obsessed with that country ;)

here’s a sum of everything i learnt/ saw/ liked in that country

istiklal street can definitely give times square a run for its money. you should check it out. or stay in a hotel somewhere around there. it’s just so convenient and the shopping is great

hamdi, the restaurant over looking the bosphorous, was worth every rave review we read about it. the kababs are delish

reina, the club/ restaurant, over looking the bosphorous bridge, too passed our expectations. so beautiful and definitely plays the most awesome music.

food : you must try the gozlems (a much tastier version of the aloo cheese parathas), the doner kebabs (so crispy) and the ayran (salted lassi kind off drink)

bodrum, a port city in the aegean region of turkey is soooo beautiful and v v hip. halikarnas and catamaran are probably the coolest clubs I’ve seen. also riding a bike on the marina is soo fun. they have these cute open air gyms/ play grounds all over and we spent over an hour there. ;p oh and leman kultur is such in interesting restaurant. check it out.

oh my gosh – we want the last week back!! …. just kidding ;) i love mumbai and am kind off glad to be back home



  1. saloni dewan
    November 18, 2012 at 8:36 am ·

    I misss turkey…need to go back!

    • kosha
      November 19, 2012 at 5:13 am ·

      me too! next year yacht week?

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