would you like to know something?


the other night we went for a movie and they stopped him and asked him to take part in some kind of boxing competition. where he had to punch the punching bag 150 times in 30 seconds. he did it in 20.

and he was so happy. more because he won a mini football and he could give it to me to keep.

sometimes i close my eyes and i genuinely think i’m a nice person. i wish good for people always.

even the ones who have not been very nice to me.

but then i think about all the times i have said things which are not very nice. and end up hurting people in the bargain.

and  of all the times i have taken all the things people do for me for granted and not said enough thank you’s!

i’m trying to change that side of me. i’ve already started.

and i DID go for that movie with him on a saturday night. even though it’s not how i generally like to spend my saturday nights.

so maybe i am part – good .

though i do promise to be better from now onwards.


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