Writing + around here lately

I have been meaning to blog more often. Its been added to my list of new year resolutions once again. If I wasn’t a lawyer i would have been a writer. A wanna-be writer atleast.  I think I may have already mentioned that.

Running out of things I need to write about. Life is stable. But life is good. Work is crazy busy sometimes but sometimes light and fun. I work out more often. and that’s a good thing.

Things that am grateful about / inspire me / or just make me happy these days – (just because that’s why I started this blog in the first place right?)

Chef’s Table on Netflix – discovered this after so many months of scrolling past it. So inspiring. Makes me want to get up early and go to work.

Baby Nuri – my twin had a beautiful baby girl and seeing her pictures make me happy and seeing him being a great dad makes me happier

Working out – the cure for everything in life literally. Also it helps that my trainer always manages to make me laugh. So grateful.

Homemade pancakes – I think IV mastered the art to making homemade pancakes from scratch thanks to my chef sister. They are deliciousness. Now only to manage waking up early on weekends and making them more often.

My valentine – okay, so cheesy .. but IT IS valentine’s month! and I love my husband. feel so grateful waking up next to him every morning.


Topshop online – they have the best clothes and i just discovered that they deliver to India. with added custom duty though. But it’s worth it.

Also going to blog more tomorrow about my recent vacations to hongkong and Sri Lanka. Have so many stories / pictures to share.

Lots of love


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