him and I, we spent this monday, which was a holiday, at woodside inn, colaba.

he likes the lokhandwala one more. i like this one.

it’s one of my favorite places in the city.

even though it might be small and a bit ‘cluttered’ – in his words.

though .. that doesn’t stop him from traveling for 1.5 hours on a holiday to come to this woodside inn. for me.

or traveling 1 hour  on a weekday to watch a movie he had never heard of before with my mum and me.

sometimes {very often actually} i tend to overlook all the other small things he does too. which are so many really.

not today though.

today i just hope i’m deserving of such a thoughtful and caring friend.


^^ woodside inn has a really great happy hours offer 4 pm to 8 pm on week days ^^




^^ we were trying to stick to a healthy meal. but then ……


^^ he went ahead an ordered a double cheese burger with fries ^^

happy tuesday and a happier four – day week!! xoxo

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