you are my wild

the other day, we were all in office at 11 pm (trying to finish of pending work), trying to look through all the menus we have stacked up in office for good chinese food. which we never really succeed at any way. so no idea why we were even bothering.

but then we found the menu card of shang dynasty and we had the best chinese that’s ever been eaten in the history of office deliveries. and that’s not saying a lot but hey, good chinese is never a bad thing. sitting in office on a friday night till 12 am was suddenly worth it. and THAT’s saying a lot.

other things that made me terribly happy this week. (warning silly nonsensical things up ahead)


we went bowling this sunday. and we won a free drink coupon because my friend scored a 165!!  (as you probably already noticed i scored 34. like really is it even possible to score lower?)



our sunglasses in the house party of 4 (5 if you count tobler. vrinda’s adorable retriever) and it was so fun. even though it was a little lame. NOT.


‘the view! the view! the view! there is something so calm about watching the ocean i can never get enough of this place.



it’s been a week since i ate this, but just staring at the picture makes me stupidly happy and hungry. and then i ask my friends why i haven’t been losing weight!?!

IMG-20130318-WA0000 this picture. so did you know there’s kimchi named after me?? my sister even tried it and she said it’s awesome. but then i dint even have to ask her to know that.


theeese people. :) :* {yea, he grew a mustache. go figure}

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